Ride details & analysis page anomalies and some questions

Hi all,

I noticed an anomaly on the ride details & analysis page. I see that even on large displays, the column text labels that go with the numeric data on the right hand side overflow to the next line. This causes the text to not line up with the data, so it’s hard to see which data goes with which column text labels. For example, see the label “Overall average speed”. A CSS ‘flex’ display for all columns might help with this (it’s one way to do it). That would still overflow long text onto the next line, but all three columns would overflow so the text labels will still line up with the data.

Also, I’m wondering what the difference is between “Moving average” and “Without pauses” (same goes for other fields that have an “moving” numeric value and a without pauses value). It seems like if you are moving then there are no pauses, so the numbers should be the same.

Lastly, it looks like VT2 power and heart rate are calculated even for a zone two (endurance) ride. But those numbers don’t seem correct as the ride I was on didn’t have any VT2 efforts. Please see attached screenshot. Thanks!

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