Bugs, issues, improvements


Anyone can probably reply to this thread to keep found issues together.

  • A races should have ability to be before B and C races. First, I don't like that the A race has be after B and C. I participate in three different sports and need more than one A race and other non-A races will occur obviously after the A race.
  • I cannot schedule anything in 2024.
  • I'm forced to make my A race a triathlon.
  • No obstacle course race options.
  • Alternate distances or user input distances for A, B, C races [many triathlons are not perfect distances].
  • For some reason, some of the athletica.ai paces appear as 7min 60sec. Which is weird because it should be 8min instead.
  • No ability to correct, edit or change automatically ingested data (I routinely experience accidental lap hits on my watch and or the swim distance in the pool misses a length or I have two laps that should be one, in order to meet the workout requirements)