Merging completed workout with planned workout

Hey everyone. Today I had to shift a swim that was originally planned for later in the week. Completed the swim today and when trying to move the workout to go over my completed swim today the two don’t merge or go into one for analysis. Is there a way to merge a planned workout with a completed one?

I swapped my long run and long ride last week prior to do the activity and they seemed to merge okay, but I moved the workouts before completing them.

Could you unpair, move the workouts around, and then try pairing again?

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right now they are not paired but trying to get them to connect.


I’ve unpaired and re paired a session to show what I do.

Here you see afternoon ride, which should have paired with Strength Endurance (well it did but I unpaired it).

I now tap on details and analysis of afternoon ride. Scroll to bottom and tap on pair with. There I can see my Strength Endurance, select that, then tap save.

The spinner at top spins a while, then I see. The afternoon ride session is still there, but the actual session details from Garmin are now against the Strength Endurance session. You can tell that, as Strength Endurance now has the details and analysis button.

I now delete the empty afternoon ride session, and I now have Strength Endurance with my ride details paired / matched against it.