Morning Value HRV / HR

Hi Kirk,

Is the Daily Health Stats selected on your permissions for the Garmin connection to Athletica?


I am a user of HRV4Training (via Oura), and it would be great to see integration with either or both of those platforms.

I also have a Forerunner 945, and mine does not measure daily HRV like the newer watches - there is no daily HRV reading. There is a different HRV stress reading that I can make using an HR strap, but as @KirkB states, the HRV stress reading (which at for me is a manually taken reading, not automatic) is a performance metric, not a daily metric.

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It is, but the HRV status is show under performance stats and not health stats in connect.


I needed to “reconnect” my Garmin account with Athletica and add the “Daily Health Stats” to the data that I am sharing.

Jesse (and David),

Disconnecting and reconnecting Garmin Connect to Athletica worked and the historical HRV data was sync’d. Thanks both! Fingers crossed for tomorrow morining :rofl:

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Are there plans that this data can be manually entered for devices other than Garmin? Could there be some fields in post ride analysis to enter this data?

I use a Fitbit at the moment to track sleep and HRV. I’ve been looking at getting a Garmin watch but not sure when that might be and would love to have this data within Athletica.

Overnight HRV data on Garmin and Overnight HRV on Athletica look to be very different


1 Jan 62
2 Jan 51
3 Jan 51
4 Jan 54
5 Jan 54
6 Jan 72
7 Jan 72

1 Jan 69
2 Jan 56
3 Jan 84
4 Jan 56
5 Jan 62
6 Jan 58
7 Jan 70

I disconnected my Garmin account and reconnected again but I don’t get the values on Athletica, i see my sleep and some values for RHR but not HRV, any helps?

Thanks @Jeremy. If you provide a Garmin screenshot of that data and I’ll look into it more.

Our system requires 60 days of ‘seeding’ HRV data to calculate the values for the chart. It looks like in your case, for whatever reason, the earliest date we have from Garmin is 2023-12-03. This is not sufficiently in the past enough. E.g. for ‘Last 6 weeks’, we would require -6 weeks - 60 days of data. So either Garmin hasn’t sent us this, or, you (and possibly others) don’t have this history on/in Garmin.


I only had a connection with Strava and connected with Garmin a few days ago. The recovery profile now showes my resting HR al the way back to beginning of 2023. HRV however is empty. Does that mean that I have to wait 6 weeks before it wil show anything or is there something I can do to get the data into Athletica?

correct to my understanding

new user here.
I have long term (more than 4 years) HRV and health data from Garmin.
I have set up connection allowing Health Data to be transferred to Athletica
I don’t see anything in Recovery Profile or anywhere else though
(Getting “no data found for this period” whichever period I choose)
Any hint on why could this be?


I am hopeful this is also implemented. I use HRV4Training every morning with a Polar H10.

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Isn’t it the easiest to use an API to If thats possible? Therefore every user is able to sync data to intervals and then to athletica. That would require only one api instead of all of them (apple,elite,h4vtraining,garmin etc) - but yea people will be then forced to use intervals.
I collect everything in intervals, since they have a wide range of api’s.
That would be great.

I use AWatch …


Thanks for voicing @Fabs . We have a good relationship with David at and I will forward your idea to the dev team.

Is HRV factored into workout adaptations?

Not yet but that job is near in our dev pipeline. Currently we just have the data being imported onto your Recovery Profile showing your 7-day rolling average with respect to your 60-d norm.

Slide presented at Endurance Exchange fyi…


That’s a thumbs up from me as well.
I think that HRV and rMSSD are the way to go :grinning:
For those using wearables, especially Garmin it shouldn’t be too difficult to import the data from Garmin Connect. It looks like some of the other AI coaching platforms are doing it.