Tell me about the “Race Pace” session

I have a race pace session coming up this weekend and there is no description under session aims or terms. It’s just two long intervals, WU and CD.

The workout description says that we need to get used to riding at race pace, but the zones are set to 1 and 2. My race will be a TT where I’ll be in z4.

Is this just a z2 aerobic ride?

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Hi Jesse. Thanks for noting. You’ve found a bug. Here is what you should be seeing for that session.

Screen Shot 2024-02-22 at 9.18.13 AM

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So, if I’m following a low volume plan, and want to try and get it done in an hour or as close to it as possible, what is the length of time I’ll be at race pace? 20-30 minutes? With a good warm up and cool down?

Go for something like this Jesse:
10 min WU
3 x 10min @ race pace with 5 min easy spin in between
5 min CD


Will do! Thanks @Prof

Follow up question:

Z3a is sub-threshold and therefore should be hr guided rather than power. Right?

all three in fact - power, heart rate, and feel.