Vacation Week - What to do with plan?

I’m sure this must have been answered before, but here goes…

I’m using the long duathlon plan but training for a long hilly trail run (and wanted to incorporate cycling)…
I have a weeks vacation next week, I will manage to do some training but it will be sporadic at best and will likely involve some swimming…
Should I remove all my sessions and just log what I do ?
Will the following week take into account my reduced training during the vacation week ?


In the training setting you have the option to go unscheduled.

Only thing I’d like to know thou is when you start up again does it put you on the base stage of the plan.

Totally your call. Athletica monitors what you do and don’t do. But definitely record what you do and Athletica will take this into account when you resume your program.

@Pablo_ie when you start again it just depends how far out you are from your race - if near, you’ll get build weeks sooner compared to if you are far (months and months) then you’ll get base weeks. This is in line with best practice training principles.


Makes sense and good to know , thanks

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Can you let us know how it manipulates your next weeks if you don’t go unscheduled and you just miss workouts? I am curious and am on holidays in April where I know I will run, but will likely not be able to ride outside of some indoor cycling sessions.

Just exactly the same way as if you had an unscheduled week. Athletica assumes you didn’t do the sessions and your fatigue, form and fitness change in accordance with the algorithms. So in your example, your runs will be recorded and taken into account, with fitness more maintaining as such, while your cycling fitness, fatigue and form will change as they should (lowered fitness, lowered fatigue, and increased cycling freshness or form).

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I guess this works the same for illness/injury?

I’ve battled through a cold/cough for the last week and today it’s got the better of me. Trying to decide what’s the best plan of action, move the workouts around to fit into less days, delete them from the plan or just don’t do them?

I guess from what you are saying the last 2 options are basically the same?


Thanks for the advice guys !!!

I think I’m more inclined to delete them from the plan as simply not doing them (even if I know in advance I can’t and won’t) comes with added guilt :laughing:


I’d be the same Mark. You didn’t fail if they aren’t there… :joy:


When you delete or miss workouts- Sing to yourself everyone’s “favourite” song (if you have daughters) :slightly_smiling_face:
“Let it goo, let it gooooooo” …. No guilt tripping, enjoy your vacay!!! :partying_face::muscle:t2::heart:


What if your gone for a vacation a bit longer? And your vacation consist totally out of L1/L2 cycling?

I just got my new travel bike last Saturday and travel by bus (with my bike) to Rome in Italy on April 16. I will then cycle around Rome and up North, cross the Alps and finally end up in Basel, Switzerland around May 11 (at least, that is the plan). Total route is close to 2000 km and 25.000 meters of climbing.

I have a Sprint Triathlon coming up June 15 and my A race being the Almere Aquabike (full triathlon without the run, so just swim and bike) on September 14.

Apart from a occasional run and swim when I can find swimming water along the way the only ‘training’ I will be doiing is low load cycling. What are my best options here? Delete all the workouts in those weeks? Go unscheduled for a month?

I did a 4 month cycling vacation several years back (11.000 km) and came home with TrainingPeaks saying my form went down 45%.

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Hi @JoghoJogho ,
If you do anything outside of the Athletica plan as you propose, just record what you do and Athletica will take account of that for future sessions.

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Wow what an epic adventure you are about to have. Forget about the metrics and know that number are just that- numbers. What you gain on that bike trip is beyond any numbers. :+1:t2::facepunch:t2::pray: enjoy every moment :fire:

More practical advice: just record what you can - know your aerobic base is about to get a massive boost!

What is wise to do in recording? In my training I record HR and wattage along with cadans. When I go on cycling holiday (with my wife) I normally just record my ride without HR, wattage and cadans. I know 99% of what I do is in L1 or low L2 apart from the occasional climb. I have seen in TrainingPeaks on past vacation rides that TP had no data to calculate with so my wattage went from 4 w/kg to 2.5 w/kg in just over 4 months. But hey, I could manage long days in the saddle right?

So what is important for the Athletica software to get from me? Adding a cadans sensor is an easy fix and also wearing a HR strap is easy. For the wattage it is more difficult as I ride with flat pedals on vacation trips because you walk quite a lot then vs a training workout with my Wahoo Pwrlink pedals where you hardly clip out at all.

Just picking up this thread for some advice, noting points laid out above.

I’m returning home after 3 weeks vacation, that includes near daily 6 - 8 hrs walking at varying pace, some very brisk. It was an active holiday. I’m ready to start riding again at the start of next week. I deleted my sessions prior to the start of the vacation. My A event is late October, and I have a good base under me leading up to the time off.

Athletica wants to launch me into a 2 hour, 7 x 9 x 1 30/30 session, to get me quickly back on track with the calculated load for the event. While I’m keen to get on the back on the bike, this will be too much too soon.

As a way of manipulating my PMC to get a more reasonable re-entry into training, I tried adding 6 to 8 hr walking sessions per day to replicate/record my holiday efforts. But even when I really wound back RPE and HR, the modelled load was too high - 200+ per day. So have deleted those sessions.

Seems I have several options:

  • start with a test week on the premise Athletica will recalibrate aore reasonable model
  • start with what I can manage, aligned with the general structure of my programme; M recovery, Tu 30/30, Th SE, and the rest L2
  • start a new plan that includes a test week

Appreciate any thoughts on how I can approach this?


Investigating that session @PhilB… the week following equivalent session is more what I would have expected as a kick-off 30/30