Lathi 70.3 WC race report and Run performance question


Finally, after a 72-hour return trip from Lathi (see details below), here is my race report. It details the venue, my race, and a final section with even more details for the triathlete enthusiast. I finished in the top 10% of my AG, 14/154.
I am interested in your feedback on my analysis at the end of the report. Did I push too much, or did I bonk? I think the former, based on my nutrition details, also included in the report, but I have second thoughts as it was pretty cold on the bike, 12C, and raining, so it probably drained more calories than I thought, even if I had my windbreaker on.
I am racing Santa Cruz 70.3 on Sep 10, and I am considering targeting a lower overall normalized power (220W vs. 230W) on the bike leg and a lower HR target (135 vs 140) on the run leg.
It took us 72 hours to return as the plane had no room to load our bikes, and they did not want to store them in the airport. We had to take a Ferry to Tallinn in Estonia to fly from another airport! I do not take tri-bike transport as I like to have my bike to preview the course and as I need my bike to race SC this coming weekend. Next, I will notify the airline that I am traveling with a bike. I have traveled more than 15 times with my bike, including several World Champs, and this is the first time it has happened.

I enjoyed reading your race report. Do you do one for each event?

@Jesse I do 2 or 3 report per year, not for all races, but the important one.

@jerome Have you found it difficult to be objective when writing the report? Do you use these reports to make small, incremental, changes to your racing or have you thrown race plans out the window and created new ones?

@jessew Yes, depending on the race outcome, the report can be more negative or more positive. I usually take multiple days to finalize them to help balance the first impression. I also look at the data and question my analysis. I worked for a year with a 1-1 coach, and he was then giving his perspective, which led to good dialog.

I do small increments in my training and racing. With Athletica, for example, I added more HIIT in my training and I think it is beneficial. I, however, this year did not manage my 2 main races according to the plan. The outcome was not too bad but I did not get my pleasure during the run. I am planning to change that this weekend though.



and thanks for reading it. I am glad you enjoyed it.