Manual entry of session data

Is there a way to manually enter workouts into the athletica app? I’ve had two recent instances where it would be helpful:

  1. I was on a run, tried to advance the music on my watch (which is very new) and messed up the recording of the training session. I knew about where I was and what was remaining, so I finished the run with the standard Garmin settings but couldn’t figure out how to enter the data on the site after
  2. More importantly, I do not have a standard length pool (it’s 20 yards). For my swim test, used the generic pool swim settings on my Garmin with the lenght set to 20 yards, and swam the proscribed distances. However I cannot enter my times for the two swim sets which I feel will be important for the app as a baseline for future training.



Hi @mcurran76 ,

  1. If your session is recorded on your Garmin, it should automatically import into Athletica. I can see a run session last week where it has done this. You may need to scroll down in your calendar to read this.
  2. If you know your times for the 20 yard pool please let me know them and I can make the calculation for you manually.