Speed interval inverted

Speed interval inverted

We appreciate your thoughts and assistance Patrick.

With this issue, indeed it has been discussed, however in our minds going from small to large in terms of numbers made more sense, but we totally can see your thinking on this as well. Hopefully you can handle the mind inversion.

Keep the feedback coming.




I noticed that the prescribed pace interval of sessions is inverted. By exemple, tomorrow, my pace prescription is 5:54/km to 6:41/km, which is from faster to slower, which is quite unnatural.


P.S. Sorry, for the avalanche of comments/suggestions coming from me but I'm quite interested by Athletica so if I can help iron it out a bit, it will be better for all users, including myself :)

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My last counter argument is: believe me, average to experienced runner have been long converted to pace instead of speed. When you run and try to maintain your pace(or speed) between 2 values, you brain automatically think in term between the slowest to the fastest, NOT the smallest to highest value! Also, look at 10 runners watches and I bet the majority will bet set up with the pace not the speed, thus their speed dial will go from highest to lowest number!

Resting my case :) lolll

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