Zone 2 Training / Endurance Training - What is the correct way?


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No one really knows the exact value @rene and its up to you to develop this feel. With all of your presumptions you are in the right ballpark. Don't overthink it but the feel should feel 'steady'. Not hard. Not easy. Just steady work. You should just barely be able to breath through your nose (often on the boarder of nose breathing and not being able to).

I have a general question regarding zone 2 training / endurance training within Athletica. What is the best way to train in this zone?

Here are some running data from my profile:

Within the "Athlete zone" section, my running zone 2 ranges from 5:39 to 5:00 min/km (with heart rate of 142 to 162 bpm). The MAF heart rate (180 - age) depicts the transition point between zone 2 and zone 3. My MAF heart reate is at 148 bpm. The predicted VT1 in the running pace profile is currently at 5:56 min/km.

Shold I stay below 148 bpm during each zone 2 session? Should I stay below the predicted VT1 (currently below 5:56 min/km)? Or should I stay in the range of 142 to 162 bpm?

Feedback is really appreciated :-)

Thank you!

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Hi Rene, I’m not sure if someone got to your question, which sounds like you’re wondering whether you should run by pace or by heart rate. Generally, with the runners I coach, we do pretty much everything by heart rate. With endurance pace, to get the maximum adaptation with the minimum fatigue, we go as low a HR as we can manage. So I’d encourage you to be at the bottom end of that 142 to 162 range. What are your thoughts on that?