7 months plan limit

So I've come across after reading about you at ST. Signed up for the trial and trying to put my A race in that is in June next year and the calander only goes out to May??

Also do you have an AP?

@tearsforbeers Hi there and thanks for checking us out!

Correct. Our current adaptive engine is built to a maximum of a 7 month major A race block. Prior to that, you can use the 'train-to-maintain' function which puts you into a base phase holding pattern until you hit your 7 months out period. Currently we are building our engine logic out to 1 year and we aren't too far along from releasing this.

While we are working on an app, the best short term solution is to use Athletica on your phone browser, which it is built for.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.




@tearsforbeers Hey that’s really great to hear thanks. We’ll do our best to bring the 1-year logic to life in coming weeks to sooth your OCD :slight_smile:

@prof two more questions

1) I've had a bit of a play with the platform and like what I see. I have a race in two weeks time so want to start the program properly following that. If I just continue to do my own thing for the next two weeks is it going to throw a major spanner in the works?

2) Is it possible to import more historical data, up to 6 months + would be awesome?

Awesome @tearsforbeers.

1) That's no problem. If you go to your settings=>training you can just use 'go unscheduled' to just be monitored doing your own thing before more formal 'train-to-maintain' or building up. No spanner.

2) Unfortunately not at this point. 6 weeks is all we have been allowed for by Garmin, but we are working on extending that to way way back for the future.

Two important follow-ups to this thread:

  1. New onboarders have now 2 years of data uploaded into Athletica, with the option for unlimited historical uploads via CSV files you might have.

  2. Athletica now programs for your events out to 1 full year


Excellent accomplishment Paul! You guys must feel pretty good about that :grin:


One year you say? I’d best put in the date of my true A event of 2024 then!


I must now find an A event that is 1 year away!

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I have my 2024 season all planned out!!! :slight_smile:


And it’s all updated overnight. :+1:


Is it still only 1 A race a year? Can we add 2 A races at least?

Correct for now… dev request has been made thanks @Bart

This is great, however my account will not let me add a new race as my “A” race nor will it let me delete a current race in my schedule.

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