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Hi team,

There's a SlowTwitch Forum thread referencing Athletica feedback that's received a bit of attention recently. We'd highly value any positive comments you'd consider lending to encourage readers to give Athletica a try.

Thanks as always for your support,


Here is another one if you are so inclined... thank you.

I posted my feedback and also posted my race report which includes similar feedback in the Ironman 70.3 2023 WC Facebook group.


Hi Jerome. Congrats on your incredible performance and thanks so much for providing feedback to ST and Facebook groups. We're getting a number of new sign-ups and I'm sure that's partly reflective of your result and postings. We are very appreciative!

Had someone contact me through ST messaging for feedback as well, and he was signing up on Athletica for his next program.

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@martinm Thanks! We appreciate the support!

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An Athletica user kindly alerted me to a Reddit thread that is also out there generating attention. Be grateful if anyone can spare a couple of minutes to add to it for us:


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Another one here from ST that's quite thoughtful... loads of points that can be addressed by Athletica users that are keen. Thanks in advance.;page=unread#unread

@paul thanks!

TBH after having a play with the online phone browser an AP probably isn't needed, its works really well! Great work!

But yeah, would be good to put in A races more than 7 months out, my OCD is having anxiety not being able to have it in a plan.

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@paul Yeah! I like having an annual training plan that is a year! :slight_smile: Whoop Whoop!


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