Bike Power Range targets


Seems like I keep exceeding the expected session loads for the bike . When I look at the workout description it says, for example, “L1-L2” and provides power and heart range for Z1 and zone 2. When I look at the Zwift target power its more of a high Zone 1. In this case what is the right thing to do? I went by feel since it was a recovery ride.

Another example are the strength endurance rides where the description calls for ‘L3a-L3b’. In this case the power and heart rate zone seems to be aligned for L3a and so does the Zwift workout target power. What would be the expectation here? Is the description correct (L3a-L3b) or are the target powers and heart rate correct? Do I once again just ride by feel and see if I can do it in L3b?

Just trying to better understand Athletica prescriptions so I can get the best band for the buck from my training.

Thanks in advance.

Feel is always best but takes time to develop… this is why we use the general power/HR ranges for a system check

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Exactly - power at low cadence plus feel (heavy) are your best targets


@Prof Highly appreciate your responsiveness and patience with all my questions :slight_smile: