Happy International Women's Day!

In fields of green and courts of clay,
Where women’s grit ignites the fray,
With every stride and every throw,
Their perseverance, a relentless flow.

Through sweat and tears, they boldly fight,
Defying odds with all their might,
Their spirits strong, their hearts ablaze,
In every challenge, they amaze.

From towering peaks to ocean’s crest,
They conquer fear, they never rest,
With determination as their guide,
They forge ahead, side by side.

So here’s to the women of grit and grace,
Who conquer mountains, win the race,
On this International Women’s Day,
We celebrate you in every way.

For in your strength, we find our own,
In your perseverance, seeds are sown,
Together we rise, together we stand,
Empowered women, hand in hand.

#IWD2024 #WomenOfGrit #StrengthAndPerseverance


We are awesome aren’t we?!! :heart_eyes: Enoyed this week’s Athlete’s compass this week about the female athlete - lots of great info.


Thank you @cmaloney :heart_eyes:

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Belated happy International Women’s day.