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We're thrilled to announce the launch of our brand new podcast: The Athlete's Compass.

The weekly podcast is your compass for navigating endurance training and health. In this show, we explore the cardinal directions of training, nutrition, recovery, and mindset, delving into the dynamic relationship that drives success for the everyday athlete.

What's in Store for You:

  • Personal Stories: Dive into the inspiring and often funny journeys of our hosts, coach, scientist, athlete and Athletica founder, prof Laursen, coach/scientist/athlete, Marjaana Rakai and coach/athlete prof Warloski, and learn how they transformed their athletic paths and life perspectives.
  • Expert Insights: Join Professor Prof Laursen and other guest experts as they debunk myths like "no pain, no gain," offering smarter training strategies.
  • Health-Focused Approach: Discover the critical balance between pushing your limits and prioritizing health to achieve sustainable athletic success.
  • Listener Q&A Sessions: Get your burning questions answered in our special Q&A episodes.

In our inaugural episode, we dive deep into the personal transformations of our hosts and explore how mental resilience plays a crucial role in sports. We also tackle the often-overlooked importance of listening to your body to avoid overtraining. The second episode drops tomorrow.

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We want to hear from you! Please send your questions about training, fitness and health here:

And we will make sure to address your questions!

Looking forward to guiding you in your training


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I’m really enjoying the podcast, thank you. It’s a great mix of science, coaching approaches, and pragmatism about how to fit training around life. I appreciated that you started the series with a discussion about wellbeing being the top priority.

A lot of podcasts that I’ve come across seem to be more oriented toward a fitness/sport goal as the top priority, at the expense of everything else. I’ve had those goals in the past, but right now I’m looking for balance, and the podcast finds that sweet spot for me.

Keep 'em coming!


thank you @kaieke_pahikara … we will try! :slight_smile:

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Thank you Kaieke, this is music to my ears :ear: health always first :heart:


Thank you Lisa! I appreciate your feedback! Our goal is all about helping everyday athletes find the balance in their lives. I’m thrilled you’re finding this useful. Please let us know if there are questions you have about your training and health!


Hey all,
the new episode of The Athlete’s Compass Podcast is out and just wanted to give heads up to @ashleyidesign and @Patrickd123: we answered your questions!

Listen to it on your favorite podcast channel
iTunes: ‎The Athlete's Compass: Unpacked: Your Training Questions Answered on Apple Podcasts

Or on our YouTube channel:

And please keep those training, fitness, and health-related questions coming:


Thanks! I’ve since moved to a mid volume plan and added in beta the days I want to do strength so I’ve solved that for now


Another great podcast - I always take something away from each one - keep them coming!


Hey team!

Have a burning question about High intensity interval training?
Comment below :arrow_down: and tune in on podcast - we will answer your questions :raising_hand_woman: on future episode

Listen to the latest episode on iTunes ‎The Athlete's Compass: Testing 101: A Guide to Optimizing Endurance Performance on Apple Podcasts


Hey @Prof,

I recently watched the YouTube video titled “Short Athletica Introduction” and I’d like to make a small suggestion. Although the current audio quality is satisfactory, considering we live in the age of AI, the voice quality from your microphone could be easily improved. Tools like Adobe Podcast (Enhance Speech from Adobe | Free AI filter for cleaning up spoken audio) are capable of enhancing audio clarity and overall sound quality. I believe this could make a great addition to your future videos.


Love the podcast! Such a tiny tiny thing, but my OCD struggles with it, the intro mixed metaphor :wink: … Athletes Compass … navigation, direction etc. etc. … but then the end of the intro says “…make sure your compass is ready, class is now in session” … the mixed metaphor does my head in LOL.

My top of the head ideas as to not just be a whinger … “Get your compass ready, the journey to peak performance starts now” … or “finding the right path together” … “charting a course” … “journey to” … “as we guide you” … all that kind of thing.

Again, just me being picky, great job, but yes anilakarsu has a point, someone needs to get Paul L the same mics as Paul W and Marjaana, it’s quite noticeable the difference in bass (or lack of).

Keep up the great work!


We’re on it (the mic) @AdamJowett and @anilakarsu thank you!

@AdamJowett I see your point about the mixed compass metaphor. We will probably update the intro and outro soon and fix it then. Thanks! (@SimpleEnduranceCoach )

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Thanks for humouring my OCD @MarkB :slight_smile:


Adam, you make a really good point about the metaphor! I hadn’t considered it from that viewpoint. Those were two separate ideas that I edited into one mixed metaphor - class with prof, compass for the journey. If you don’t mind, we’ll use your suggestions! I like the “journey to your peak performance.” @MarkB, let’s redo that soon! Adam, thanks for the kind words and suggestions!


Go for your life @SimpleEnduranceCoach, look forward to the coming episodes :slight_smile:


If you are an everyday athlete, we want you on our Athlete’s Compass podcast! We want to talk with everyday athletes just like you, who have accomplished things, set goals and met them, or failed miserably, done races or events, and lived to tell the stories.

We would love to hear from various athletes in running, cycling, triathlon, and duathlon. These don’t need to be Ironman-type events. There are no requirements for winning your age group. As long as you are proud of your accomplishment, let us know. Maybe you are not even proud but think you’ve got a great story to tell, we want you in our pod. Nor do you have to use Athletica, although that’s a bonus!

We’d like to interview you about your training, the event, mental prep, your nutrition - all the things you did to prepare for your accomplishment.

What do you think?

Send Marjaana Rakai a message here on Forum or reply to this thread in the Forum!

We appreciate you!
@Prof @SimpleEnduranceCoach @Marjaana

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Are you a self-coached athlete and need guidance? How would you like to get a free consultation about your training on the Athlete’s Compass Podcast with Dr. Paul Laursen, Marjaana Rakai, and Paul Warloski?
We’ll discuss your training and answer questions about endurance, nutrition, strategy, and whatever else you need help with.
You get direct access to three professional coaches for advice and feedback about your training and performance, in exchange of your permission to publish the consult as part of our podcast.
Send Marjaana Rakai a message or reply to this thread in the Forum!

Looking forward hearing from you!
@Prof @SimpleEnduranceCoach @Marjaana


We just dropped a great episode on endurance training heart health and atrial fibrillation.


In this episode of the Athletes Compass podcast, hosts Paul Warloski and Dr. Paul Laursen, along with Marjaana Rakai, delve into the topic of atrial fibrillation (AFib) and its impact on endurance athletes. They discuss the symptoms, causes, and risks associated with AFib and other heart issues like ventricular tachycardia, drawing from personal experiences and expert insights. Emphasizing the importance of a balanced training approach, the hosts explore the relationship between mid-zone training and heart health, and offer practical advice on how athletes can monitor their heart condition and seek appropriate medical care.

Key Takeaways

  • Symptoms of AFib: Fluttering in the chest, fatigue, palpitations, and dizziness.
  • Causes and Risks: Large return of blood to the heart, electrical events in the atria, and high levels of mid-zone training.
  • Prevalence in Athletes: AFib and related heart issues are more reported in older male athletes but can affect anyone.
  • Importance of Medical Attention: Early detection and medical intervention are crucial for managing AFib.
  • Training Recommendations: Adopting a polarized training approach with balanced low and high-intensity sessions to reduce heart stress.
  • Personal Experiences: Hosts share their encounters with heart issues and the importance of listening to one’s body.