Deep Dive into Race Analysis: Strategies, Insights, and Performance Enhancement

Deep Dive into Race Analysis: Strategies, Insights, and Performance Enhancement

One month ago now, I finished my third and last 70.3 race for this year.

I finished first in my AG for the first time in this race, with one of my worst performances ... Yes, I changed AG, but if compared with my previous AG, I would have been 7th, when last year I was 14th with a better perf, and the year before, I was third with an even better performance. I am going over these details in this race analysis. I would love to have your perspective and feedback



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Congratulations @jerome! A win in your age group is nothing to scoff at!

It's easy to focus on the number and compare yourself now and then. -BUT- You're not the same person you were, and the numbers can't tell you about that story. You won your AG. Give yourself a high five and some time to recover. Celebrate your accomplishment and all of your hard work.

Easier said than done :D

** My thought: Between the training taper to the previous event and the 2 weeks to SC... It looks like they where too close together to maintain or improve fitness. **

Hey Jerome, Congrats on your amazing season!

Wow, I am impressed by your season-end analysis. Well done. I also like to geek out on my data to eke out any improvements I can for the future.

Your 2023 performance looks a lot like 2018 although as you know, year-to-year comparisons are hard to make due to weather changes etc.. but off the bat, I can relate to your plantar fasciitis struggle and can see how it could affect your running performance. Regardless, you are doing amazing! Also, don't underestimate the stress of travelling across the world, time-changes, and everything that comes with it. How did you handle nutrition? GI issues? How did your training change over the 5 year span? You health? Just looking at race results don't tell much to an outsider.

Your strength comparison... who is it compared to ....? What is the grey standard you are comparing yourself to? Rugby players? lol ... Keep in mind that your body finds a way to optimize to you. Your body is unique and obviously very capable of great performances. Comparing yourself to a weight-normalized standard may not be all that relevant in your journey in the Ironman triathlon. That said, your hamstring strength could possibly benefit from some strength training. The discrepancy between right and left sides 5-10% - is this a causation to your injury, or just the way your body has always been, or completely irrelevant?

I have walked the same path, analyzing everything. Tested everything. scanned everything. wanting to improve and avoid injuries... yes, we can learn a lot, but we can also get lost in the rabbit hole... I've learned to let go of some of the over-analysing and over-thinking and just focused on doing the work and leaving the rest to the Triathlon Gods lol..

Keep moving, enjoy your own journey. You are doing great!



Hey Marjaana,

2018 was my second year in triathlon, so 2023 is better! It could have been even better if I had completely recovered from my PF and regained my fitness. That said, my PF is better from day to day. I would even say it is gone now, but I still have pain in the foot from time to time, but it is less and less often. So I want to try to make a good off-season. I think I am fine on nutrition, and my health is stable.

Regarding strength comparison, it is in comparison to runners in general. Since 2019, I have learned that the body is lazy and does not use the best muscle, and you sometimes need to rewire it. I benefited from glute reactivation in my running from 2019, so I am interested in decreasing the imbalance.

The GCM and the strength analysis are new for me as I am curious and always looking to learn. Anyway, I will do more strength as planned during the off-season. I will add one exercise for the Hamstring though




Hi Jesse.

yes I celebrated and took my slot for Taupo. I am very happy about that.

I just shared this as an end of season analysis to focus on a some key points during the off season and to share few lessons learned.

i am also very interested by your feedback as you could see someti don’t.

Thanks for your feedback