How to understand VT2?

Hi there,

Yesterday I did a Power Profile Test. Afterwards athletica suggests I update my new VT2 values, HR and power.

Im wondering how I should/could interpret the result?

I understand that my HR went down, which I would say is something positive. On the other hand, my power also went down quite substantially. Could this be seen as an improvement or a sort of deterioration? I did a 20K trail run the day before, so wanst exactly 100% ((good :slight_smile: then I excused myself ))

Any input is appreciated, as I try to understand all terms, vocablulary in athletica etc,

Stay strong

Hi Erik,
With changes that dramatic, I probably would dismiss both of those. I generally accept the changes that are smaller. Also, have you checked your HRV or Body Battery (Garmin)? If those are low, the algorithms might be reacting to that.

Hi @the-primal-swede ,
@SimpleEnduranceCoach is correct. Please dismiss these changes. We are currently making changes to our threshold and zone logic. Prior (current) we use the 20’ best power method to calculate your threshold. Moving forward we’ll be taking the critical power number. So in your example Erik if I may, I would update your threshold from 212 to 218 as that is what your critical power is reading from that test. So an increase not a decrease according to that data. You can update those on ‘Plan Overview’ - bottom.