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Hi Folks,

On 11/01 I did an FTP ramp test (full monty) on the Wahoo SYSEM and it gave me the results of FTP 239w, MAP of 292w and cTHR of 168 bpm.

When I started using Athletica a few weeks ago I manually entered an FTP of 250w. On the day of the test, I entered a TST session in the Athletica calendar.

After I got these messages and accepted the recommendations.

New threshold: We suggest updating VT2 Power Bike (Indoor) to 187 from 250.
New threshold: We suggest updating VT2 HR Bike (Indoor) to 153 from 165.

I would have expected to get the message ‘We suggest updating VT2 Power Bike (Indoor) to 238 from 250’. Not sure what recommendation I should have gotten for the VT2 HR Bike (Indoor).

Any suggestions? Is it because it’s a different type of FTP ramp test?


Hi Pablo,
Did you get the message to change your VT2 right after the test or after a subsequent workout? That does seem like a pretty big drop.
Essentially, the systems are different and will have different FTP, plus it will be different if you go outside! Wahoo and Athletica aren’t talking together quite yet so that might be an additional issue.
I would continue to carry on with the Athletica VT2 because it will update your numbers on a continual basis. My coaching clients have seen changes like that (including my own numbers), and Athletica adjusts the load accordingly.

I hope that helps. Let me know if you have further questions!


Hey @SimpleEnduranceCoach ,

I got the message after the test. I’ll see how it adjusts over the week. One question, if I export a prescribed workout that is threshold will the prescribed targets be very low based in the new VT2?

Many thanks

That’s a good question. You mean export to Zwift or Garmin? They should be the same targets but I’m not certain. Try it and let us know!

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After I took my FTP test it replaced my indoor threshold numbers, but left my outdoor ones at the default. All my of my workouts were based on the outdoor numbers in my calendar. Once I overrode the outdoor numbers to match the indoor ones the workouts lined up to the numbers from the FTP test I did. I am not sure if exporting to ZWO would have used the indoor numbers or not.

I will retest when I can return to outdoors full time, likely in the middle of April here.


@DaveBoyle Hi Dave, good hint, it had changed just my indoor threshold numbers so I set both to the same value.

@SimpleEnduranceCoach Hi Paul, the question was about if the new VT2 test numbers were very low would it result in low targets in the prescribed workouts (independent of the target platform being used to run the session). I assumed it would due to new testing numbers. On comparing two V02 max session, one created before the test and one after the test and manually updating the out door threshold number to a lower one .

What drives the AI adjustments, the testing, the performance in sessions or the workload in any given week? All of the above?

For example this Saturday I have a Medium intensity efforts session with an original load of 98 and now it has an increased load of 108 yet at the same time it has a warning of: Overall training load (bike) is too high on day 2024-01-20. You have a high risk of overtraining. Consider moving or deleting some sessions.

Any insights on the data and events driving the AI adjustments would be great.

@SimpleEnduranceCoach @Prof
PS really like it here, I’m a bit of a data nerd, it feels like being part of a start-up up and every day is a learning day.

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Hi Pablo, I’m glad you’re liking it here! I’ll leave the insights into what’s driving the adjustments to the data team!
However, when you get that message, just ignore it. That’s been a frequent question on the Forum and from my athletes. No need to adjust or move any sessions unless you’re feeling like you’re overreaching. From previous Forum discussions, I can tell you that you’ll get the message as the algorithm is figuring you out in the context of the plan you are working in.
I’ve seen the message as well when I ride a lot longer than the program wanted me to. Athletica will adjust the load based on what you do or don’t do.


thank you Sir, I appreciate the answer :grinning:

Hi Folks
Please bear with me I’m already bought in but if my brain knows why I’m doing a prescribed session I am locked in !!!

Another question, my recent test on Wahoo SYSEM returned FTP 239 m and MAP (Maximum Aerobic Power) as 292w. I know the two platforms are different but when I do Vo2 max \ MAP sessions in Wahoo the intervals are at the MAP zone of 292w which in Wahoo session with the longer MAP intervals +1 min the session is hard but doable.

In Athletica the Short HIIT 30"/30" interval ride for next week has an interval target of 325w does that sound right? How is it calculating the 325w? Shorter interval duration? Something else?


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ok so I did the Short HIIT 30"/30" interval session this morning and it was fine so all good.


Missed this one:

At this point in the game we’re using a coefficient number on top of your threshold number that is associated with Zone 6. Very soon we’ll be using the anaerobic speed and power reserve (ASR/APR) in line with scientific best practice. Some great work happening in the backend by the team to get this up and running.


Appreciate you sharing the context and the linked article. Love the way you guys are evolving.

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I had received a New threshold alert after an indoor bike session, and declined to accept it. Having second thoughts can I go back and accept or change it to the new (lower values)?

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Not sure there is an undo button but if you go to your notifications you can maybe see it in the history and then change it in your settings. Let me know if this makes sense…

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Thank you Marjaana.

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After todays bike session my Garmin Edge recorded a new increase in my FTP, that I accepted on the Garmin. Will that new ftp get carried over to my outdoor cycling zones in Athletica?
Thank you,

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Hey Joe,
No it does not because the calculate FTP differently. At least that is my understanding. . Did you get notification in Athletica about suggested FTP change?

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No I did not, which is what lead me to ask.

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Yes I believe Garmin has their own FTP detection method and it is not the same as Athletica’s. I would recommend sync your Garmin watch/bike comp to match what is detected by Athletica.