La Marmotte Alpes (FR) and Maratona Dles Dolomites (IT)

Anyone of the group planning to race in these events? I would love to meet you and get a coffee

Posting the link if anyone wants to participate next year (happy to provide insights from the events)


I’m not doing the race, but wish I was - looks epic! Have fun!


Not doing La Marmotte but I am heading to the area in July for a week. Planning on doing the route without the Alpe D’Huez section but I know it’s going to be a tough effort. Haven’t cycled 100 miles since Copenhagen Ironman 2022, and that didn’t have a quarter of the climbing!!

Good luck with both, be interesting to hear your reports on the events and the climbs/area for any tips!


Some of my friends are doing la Marmotte, but given my triathlon planning I passed and only did the 3 ballons a month ago. Would have been fun to catch up otherwise.
Good luck tomorrow!!

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