Ironman Nice World Champs bike

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does anyone have the bike course file I could download to Zwift ?

Also what advice would you give me regarding the bike course? I’m aware most of the climbing is during the first half and then a technical down back to town.

My age group will most likely start later 45-49 so expecting lots of riders ahead of me. I would like to think of myself as technically good rider but it’s different to ride alone vs dodging others in front of me.

Any tips?

No advice from me, but the GPX of the course is on the Ironman website (here is what it links to to save you time: Nice - Morning ride | OpenRunner). You could then convert it for Zwift with something like this tool.


Thank you so much :pray: I will see how this goes

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love this @AdamJowett … got our wheels spinning :slight_smile:


For anyone interested, this is how it looks like on the GPx to zwift conversion.

Note that this one is 170K - not sure where the 10K is missing, but I’m sure I can find 180K IM Nice file somewhere.

You can use this for Kona or any other GPX file to convert into a Zwift ride.


I’m tired just looking at this :weary: :sweat_smile:


The extra 10k is an out-and-back segment once most of the climbing is done. My advice for the course is to get as strong as you can for long climbs, they are not steep. But the key is to get as confident and comfortable at descending, it’s not super steep but lots of road furniture and changing roads as well and some of the roads are not closed in the opposite direction.


Thank you @CoachLaidlow just finished riding up to the plateau (the first 70k). It is a loooooong climb … will definitely need to do a lot of climbing to get stronger … yes I’ve heard it can be a bit of carnage coming down unfortunately I don’t have anywhere to practice so I’m counting on my skills developed as a skier and bike handling skills learned as a kid … rest will be up to higher power.

I got the bike course set up on FulGaz (received 1 month free trial as part of qualification). I like it- it’s fun to see how it actually looks like in Nice roads.


No worries :slight_smile: … Oh, and you could ride the actual course beforehand on Fulgaz it seems: Vinfast Irionman World Championship - Nice

I wonder when Zwift will finally let us upload GPX data to do this. I am convinced that is why they have created the lo-fi climb portals, no need to render fancy 3D graphics etc.

Time will tell.


Hey @AdamJowett thanks for your help. I tried the Fulgaz yesterday, I like it!

Also tried to get the converted file to Zwift. - but it is not reading it. Contacted zwift- they suggested to rename the file - or try creating similar in their workout builder if the file is very complicated. I suspect this is the case. Not sure it’s worth my time to try creating something when I can ride on Fulgaz and pretend I’m in France :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: we’ll see

Viva La France :fr:

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Awesome, glad you liked it. I think I’d be the same, would rather ride the video version of the real course than do a workout version on Zwift. You might be able to pick up some landmarks as cues for when things are coming up in the route as well.