Planning around a fixed training schedule; planning in light of other endurance activities

Hello. I am looking for guidance in how to get Athletica to best work around the workouts I already have planned / long endurance activities. I am using Athletica to prepare for a 50k in November but I have fixed strength training sessions 4x / week and one fixed running session on Wednesdays with a run club. Furthermore, as the Fall nears I will be hunting which will be very intense in terms of load (8 hr weighted hiking at altitude, etc.). I guess my questions are:

  1. Should I enter my scheduled sessions into the weekly calendar / will Athletica adapt to them or will it only adapt after I complete?
  2. If I hunt for x days, this might be the equivalent of repeated, high intensity, long endurance / strength workouts. My question is, if I just wear my device the whole time and sync with Athletica, will it adjust my training plan accordingly? Or do I need to create daily sessions that track my activity while hunting in order for Athletica to adjust?

I am essentially looking for Athletica to fill in my current schedule with a running plan that will have me ready for the 50k but will acknowledge that I have a current strength plan + weekly social run in place as well as sporadic high intensity and long duration endurance activities (hunting & other backpacking, even skiing in the winter, etc.).

Thank you and I’m grateful for this forum. I have a background in AI and computer science and am finding this all very intriguing.


Hi @ianv13 ,
We have a feature in beta called user-time-constraints that allows you to hard wire your fixed weekly workouts whilst the AI logic still works around it. In beta so as someone in the field you know what that means. This is only available to subscribers but let me know if you are keen to use if you choose to subscribe as it sounds like this is what might work for you. And yes, if you record your hunts as hikes this should still work and calculate a training load score to affect the training logic accordingly.

Thanks for the quick reply! I was going to subscribe after my free trial ends but will subscribe now if I can get access to that feature in beta. Also thanks for the input on the hunting front. I should be subscribed by the time you read this so please turn whatever features that are in beta on in my account!

Thank you

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Hey @ianv13 . Thanks for subscribing and giving it a go. I’ve added you to the beta group. Please be sure to read through that thread to understand what you’re getting into. Especially keep in mind the lag time from when you apply settings until when you get your final result. A lot of computation needed so give it at least 12 hours.

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