Post workout RPE

I’ve been loitering around the peripheral edges of Atheltica since the beginning of 2023 and must admit to dipping in and out of the platform throughout the year. This has mainly been down to the ‘fear of the unknown’ with regards to a new approach to my training but have decided to commit for the 2024 season.

Anyway, my feature request is as follows:

While I appreciate that RPE is very much subjective, I find the post workout RPE scale to be a little odd.

Ordinarily, I’d see 1-2 as a recovery ride, 3-4 as endurance pace, 5-6 as moderate, 7-8 as being hard efforts such as VO2 intervals, 9 as race-pace and 10 as sprint efforts (all out, everything you’ve got lasting only a few seconds).
Admittedly I’m looking at this as an MTB XC training point of view and appreciate that other athletes from other disciplines might not see it the same but on the post workout RPE drop-down box it has No.4 as 'somewhat hard’.
Should anyone see a 4/10 effort as ‘somewhat hard’?
Can the RPE scale be changed so the 1 - 10 numbers are useable without the accompanying text?


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Thanks for taking the plunge with us @Matt. We use what is consider the gold standard sRPE method (Foster et al. 2001) which has been shown to be valid and reliable across multiple populations. We use this as a second method of calculating training load as is often done in the literature. Both the numbers and the text are important. You should look at the text first and align the associated number accordingly.

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