Power and Heart rate prescribed in workouts not aligned with defined zones


Just signed up with Athletica and am noticing that the prescribed power and HR zones in the workouts is not aligned with what I see in the run/bike zones. Can someone fix this for me?

Couple of additional questions:
-Since I am in the final block of training before a race I have skipped test week. I have tested recently and used those zones as a starting point, but how do I insert a test week after my recovery week eg?

-When you have to skip a workout how do you which will least impact your overall targeted fitness? E.g. if I have a Strength Endurance Run or a HIIT and MIT run to choose from, which would give me more bang for my buck? I assume going by load is not accurate, because if we delete one of them the load of the remaining one may increase. Any pointers would be appreciated.

-How can the run workouts be sent to a Coros watch? I dont see any option of downloading a file, e.g. “.FIT” or “.ZWO” which I could then send to my watch.

Excited to see where Athletica gets me!


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Hi @nhc ,
We have made some adjustments to your plan that should solve that. Please let me know.
Suggest that following your race you restart your plan and then you will get a test week.
If you are healthy, usually its best to skip your aerobic work and do the higher intensity session, but this only works for so long.
We don’t yet sync with Coros but this is on our to do list.

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