Training paradises/meccas

I’m in Palm Springs, California right now and loving the opportunities to train in the sun after being holed up in Toronto, Canada for the first part of the winter. It is always amazing to see how different places work for training.

This was my ride yesterday in the desert around Cochella Valley

And this was my swim this morning in Palm Desert

I know that there are lots of places around the world (Boulder, Majorca, etc.) that are fantastic for training at different times of year. What are some of your favorites?


My favourite is Stelvio Pass and Gavia in italy and all the sorrounding area…amazing wild places…


Wow that looks amazing. Kinda jealous.

I think it’s anywhere that has quiet mountain roads like this. This one happens to be Ireland, but you can find these most places if you look hard enough. Oh and personally I prefer the gems that aren’t meccas, you get them to yourself :grin:

If you talk about how you’re treated by drivers then Denmark, Holland, Spain, France rate fairly high. You have to get used to them stopping and giving way to you when they don’t have to. I’ve bumped into world tour cycling teams training on the Vuelta climbs whenever I’ve gone cycling in Spain in the winter.

Italy is a mixed bag with drivers but the Dolomites offer some brilliant climbs, descents and scenery and cycling is fairly well celebrated.