Vo2 max science

For all other science and data nerds here is a good podcast here on the vo2 max ‎The Peter Attia Drive: Peak athletic performance: How to measure it and how to train for it from the coach of the most elite athletes on earth | Olav Aleksander Bu on Apple Podcasts

at 1:23 they talk about different protocols.


Yes. This was an excellent listen.

Olav is really reinventing what it means to workout and train.

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We are planning the next episodes for the Athlete’s Compass Podcast - please submit your questions regarding HIIT - including how to improve Vo2max. reply to this message or fill out your question here: The Athlete's Compass Listener Questions

Thank you!

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The form asks for email at both the top and bottom of the form. I would think you only need request it once :grin:


good call Phil, thank you :rofl:

A few questions submitted :+1:t2:


this podcast has an all-star guest list including @Prof Fast Talk: Not All VO2max Intervals Are Made the Same – A Physiology Deep Dive on Apple Podcasts