Workout Wizard - Injury Tab

I’m not injured but I’m giving blood tomorrow. Instead of a recovery ride I’ll be walking to / from the blood donation location. I see walking under the injury tab. If I select it will the AI think I’m injured and reduce load or is injury just a way of grouping lower load workouts / sessions?

I’ve moved VO2 max to Thu so my blood volume is at least back up to speed :heart:

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Yes - just a way of grouping lower load workouts for now Phil. We’ll likely work with that click however in the future as you allude to.

Good call in reducing intensity in subsequent days… low intensity work should be good.

Yes I’ve moved a 1 hour endurance session to Tue then Strength Endurance on Wed.

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Opted not to push Saturday’s event after giving blood and treated it as a 5 hour endurance outing. That went well and rode with a couple of others all the way round. Events are as much social as anything this time of year. Tomorrow is VO2 and having read the paper you linked, it’ll be interesting to see at what output I’ll need to calibrate the effort.