B vs C Race - What's the difference?


I’m new to Athletica and I don’t understand the difference between B and C Races. I’ll do a 70.3 in June and my second priority is Mallorca 312 in April (312km bike “race” with a lot of elevation). So this is my B Race. I will also do a half marathon in March but that’s not a priority for me so I entered it as a C race.

For my B race I can understand that the plan schedules bike only weeks just before the event but
Weeks 3-11 and 3-18 are now run only weeks, although it is a C race.

What’s the difference between B and C then!?

Thank you

Hi Ben,
For your A races, you’ll do a proper taper, B races have a minimal taper, and C races tend to be training races with no taper. It sounds like you have the right idea in what you have. I tell my athletes that C races are the practice sessions for A races where you figure out your warmup, nutrition, pacing, etc. Good luck in your racing!

Hi Paul,
Thanks for your reply. That’s what I thought but It seems that the plan builder doesn’t reflect it in my case. I can’t see any difference for B and C race at all. There is always a full taper week. And even for a B race I’m not sure if it is the right way to stop the triathlon training and instead do 2 weeks of cycling / running only just before the race?


Hi Ben,
So there’s no swimming in two weeks before the A race?
As a coach, I would continue to give you swim workouts in the same manner (low volume, higher intensity) in the leadup to the race. You can always simply add in swim workouts as you see fit. The program may add more swimming as time goes on as well since it adapts to your training loads.
I see some intensity and volume differences in the workouts with my B and C races (the C weeks have more volume). But you’re right in that it’s a minimal difference.


No, there is no swimming and cycling in the 2 weeks before my half marathon (C Race) and no swimming and running in the 2 weeks before my bike event (B Race). I’m not sure if that’s a good approach.

Instead there is now a run only build week 2 weeks before my half marathon with 9 hrs of running. My usual week is about 3 hrs.

I’m not sure if it is a bug or if this is really based on science and happens on purpose.

For my A race (triathlon), everything seems to be ok

Hi @Ironben,

Logic currently optimizes for your A race, however if you enter in a B or C race there is partial optimization for those also. If these aren’t that important and you just want to train through them then I would leave them out of the prescription logic and just train through, which will keep your tri training balanced. Alternatively, as I’ve just added you to beta, you could specify the dates you want to swim, bike, run and these should be populated accordingly (recognizing feature is in beta still).

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