Best plan for race end of July


I will be doing a middle race on July 28th. Last week I did a 1/3 triathlon and coming week an Olympic one as build up.
I entered all those in my plan in athletica. Now I end up with taper and recovery weeks before those. I entered the coming one as a C but it still gives me these weeks.
I would rather have middle distance build weeks the coming weeks consistently and then do the race below race pace as a warm up to be best prepared for my half distance.
So how can I achieve this in Athletics? Or is this not possible and should I not enter the coming race and trick athletica that way in giving me more build up?


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Hey, sorry late reply!

I would not enter this C races and I would train through them. You could just add a few easier sessions before and after those to mini-taper and recover. You could drop higher intensity workouts into the day of the C race.

Whatever you do/don’t do, athletica will then adapt the plan. Hope this helps

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That’s what I actually decided to do this morning. Like the new option to recalculate the plan from today. That helps.