CSS Calculation

Wondering how I calculate my CSS from the 400 and 50 times. Thanks

Hi @Muta. Please send me your times via DM and I’ll calculate and update for you. The ability to calculate and update is in development. As well, we can’t yet automate this threshold determination like we do with running and cycling because the swim pace measurement on the watches isn’t precise enough yet, so we still need to do old fashion stopwatch work for now to test for accuracy and zone calibrations.

400 yds in 5:27 and the 50 yds in :33


You’re quick! 1:24 and can see it was already set that way in your threshold settings.


Thanks I want to be quicker. I’m in the free trial right now but I’m going to sign up and give it a crack. Thanks for your help

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Can my CSS be calculated please as well and entered.
Will this change my swim zones
I did the css test workout today

400 m 6:07
50m 37.0


Hey @Swimfast

Based on your test times, your css is 1:46 min/100m. I have updated your swim threshold and yes, your swim zones will changes accordingly. In the future you can insert new thresholds on your settings - training - thresholds :pray::smile:

Happy training,

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Thanks very much Marjaana!


You welcome,
@Swimfast - love your handle :heart:
Keep swimming fast!

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