CSS and zones creating an error

I was confused why the recommended swimming paces for my zones were SO slow! My CSS result was 1:46/100 after the testing week. When I go to Plan Overview / Athlete Zones / Swim, the number I see is 186559, or 49:19/100yd. I try and edit to 106, and as soon as I hit the Update button, it defaults back to this number.
Checking in Settings / Thresholds / Swim i see my CSS pace (seconds) is correctly entered as 106.
First question: can you help me edit this?
Second question: could this be why the software is constantly cautioning me that I’m over training? My load is probably pretty high after 2,500yds of Zone 5… (from it’s perception)


Hi @mpderksen,
Thank you for identifying this. We believe we have now fixed.