Data file from Garmin?

I have a ride in Connect from yesterday. Never sync’d with Athletica. Oddly, didn’t sync with TrainingPeaks either, so it’s likely an odd Garmin issue. Can I export the workout file, and then assign it to the ride in my Athletica Training Plan? If so, can I get some steps?


topright right of your name, you can click import data and import the .fit file
Hope that helps

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In Garmin Connect on the internet you can open the activity and press on the cogwheel. There you can export it. Ideally pick the fit file version. I do not think this can be done through the IOS app. If you want to connect the exported file to a scheduled activity press the Hamburg on the top right of the activity and then select connect file and upload the file.

Click on the details and analysis button of the session you want to assign it to then click on the upload / choose file button I’ve highlighted. No need to unzip the the file you get from Garmin export, just upload as is.


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