Garmin actual cycling workouts aren't syc'g to Athletica?

Hi - Athletica newbie here. I setup a new athletica account this week and successfully connected it to my Garmin Connect account.

Problem -

I’m not seeing new cycling workouts from this week coming thru into Athletica for some reason. What am I doing wrong? I did two workouts since connecting Garmin to Athletica and I don’t see either one in Athletica

Context -

I do see Garmin activity history, and, a treadmill run i did this week showed up cleanly. So Garmin and Athletica seem to be connected and talking, just not for new cycling workouts. Cycling is my primary activity.

I’ve been able to manually export the two new workouts from Garmin this week and import them into Athletica, so I’m getting the feedback. Obviously an ongoing manual import/export approach isn’t sustainable.

Any help would be appreciated, I like what I see so far!

Ps - I can add that the two cycling workouts this week were virtual, done via Rouvy. Rouvy sync’s the rides successfully to Garmin. Is there something about how Rouvy tags the rides in Garmin? The treadmill run that did sync to Athletica successfully was captured in Garmin directly via my Epix Garmin watch.

Thx – Dan

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Hi @DanK
I’ve gone to your settings and everything looks correct from my end.
Can you see your workouts in Garmin Connect? If they are in Garmin Connect they should be appearing in your device if it is capable.
Sometimes its an external party issue also (Rouvy or Zwift) from Garmin in which case it can be handy to also connect to Strava if you use it.
Please let me know.

Thx for the response.

Yes, the cycling workout activities from Rouvy appear in Garmin cleanly.

Are there any filters between Garmin and Athletica for the types of activities that sync? These activities in Garmin are tagged as virtual cycling, I assume Athletica wouldn’t filter that out.

If I turn on syncg with Strava, so I also then turn off the sync to Garmin? Obviously want to avoid duplicate data.

Also, is there any downside to Strava data vs Garmin, ie, more data coming from Garmin?

Enjoying the product, thx.

– Dan

Nope you’d leave both Strava and Garmin on at the same time. The issue could be around the tagging of alternate workouts not coming from Garmin (like rouvy). If those are tagged, the Garmin doesn’t let them go to us. So Strava might be a work around. Athletica will prioritize Garmin data when it can.

I’m not sure if this is related, but there is also a known issue syncing training plans between the Garmin Connect app and Garmin devices:

  1. You can delete any other training plans in Garmin Connect by following these steps
  2. Once any previous training plans have been deleted, disconnect and reconnect your Garmin account to Athletica
  3. Check your Garmin Connect calendar to see if your Athletica workouts appear there correctly now and see if it syncs to your Edge
  4. There is a known bug in Garmin Connect syncing to Garmin devices where the fix is to manually create a workout and that can fix the issue: " A workaround that worked for me was change one of the planned workouts a little (added 1sec to a training) and then is wants to upload all planned workouts again. This solved the problem for me at least for now."
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