Zwift Ride not paired with activity?

I did a ride this morning, and while the activity has been synced (per the screenshot - I also uploaded the .fit file to be extra sure) it isn’t being processed at all by the AI. The spinning wheel on the upper right has been going constantly, too, so I’m guessing that that may be able to related to something happening on the back end?

Here’s the screenshot from the UI:

I think this is a general bug/delay as my swim this lunchtime is showing the same.

I guess they may be making changes in the background that are delaying the analysis.

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Same thing is happening with my bike session synced from garmin this morning.

Same issue here, my morning bike session didn’t download automatically from Garmin so I downloaded it manually, but wheel keeps spinning and session is not uploading

Thanks everyone for chiming in. We are aware of the upload issues affecting multiple Athletica users. Our team is looking into the issue. Will make an announcement once we’re back up and running. Thank you for your patience.


OK, my workout’s paired correctly now but I’m gonna go out on a limb here and guess it’s your ChatGPT integration that’s causing problems?

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