Garmin ConnectIQ Workout Reserve data field

Nice spread of Edge devices so far

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Yes, but it already was on a screen, but didn’t authourise, moving it around on a screen finally triggered it.

How long did you wait after adding? The connection and trigger is all under Garmin’s control anyway. All the datafield can do is make the request when it’s allowed to.

I’d think so, sure I’ve had the FR955 up in the test rig when I was doing initial basic tests for running.

Hi Phil,
The Fenix 7 (both Pro and non-pro) has countless profiles that seem to cover any activity that doesn’t include doing nothing.
I think there is even a video gaming profile for those that play hardcore enough that HR needs to be measured :rofl: has this snippet:
"The Fenix 7 comes with more than 60 activity profiles loaded onto the watch, covering everything from cycling to climbing and gym work to parachuting. There are more activity types available to download from the Garmin Connect app, or you can create your own.

The cycling profiles include road cycling, mountain biking, cyclocross, gravel riding and electric bikes, to name just a few, and you can customize the data screens on each profile to suit your needs."

I can’t seem to be able to find a list of all the profiles, but needless to say, Riding, Swimming, and Running are all covered in multiple profile variables.

Tried the function on my Edge yesterday, on a hard 40 min Zwift race
The graph I get from Runalyze (cool feature! It could be implemented on Athletica site too, as a little suggestion) is a good reflection of the hardship of the race

One question: what is the “Limiting Tau” data that is provided together?
I also get a graph for that there (almost inverse to the previous one)

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It’s a duration value and it’s in seconds. Thus your minimum Workout Reserve of 7.94% means you were close to your personal best effort for the 13 minute duration… Earlier on you were hammering shorter durations, and the blue dot would have been further over to the left, before you settled in. Sounds just like a Zwift race from the descriptions I’ve heard.

Had the FR 955 up in the test simulator today. Code seemed happy running on it.


Yes, on one of the punchiest routes there. That first immediate effort was hard to recover

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Ha another beast, does it cook dinner as well?

When running beta is released that would be a good watch to test having the data field on both a run and bike profile, since it supports power meters, for the latter. Do you swim as well, as I’d like to see it on a non run or bike profile to ensure it reports correctly even though run and bike profiles will be available to the datafield.


I also swim with my Epix Pro all the time. If something needs to be tested, happy to help.

@Phil yes, I do swim as well. My watch is also connected to my Wahoo trainer so I can see what a bike session looks like on the watch (and take lots of photos for later use).

It doesn’t cook, but has an oil slick and machine gun setting… :rofl:


Is this data field only for beta users? I am not a beta user but installed it on an edge 1040, signed in etc but despite waiting for a long time the profile is not updating.

YASS!!! Looking forward testing it out soon!

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Yes beta users only. You should be able to complete authorisation but no more. I’d suggest keep it installed but remove from your data screen for now. Then when it comes out of beta put it back on a screen.


Thank you for sharing the Runalyze graphs and for trying the WR out!

Please notice that WR is already visible in Athletica: Details & Analysis (of a training session) → Analysis → Session Chart. In Athletica, you find the graph for the evolution of WR during the activity, the minimum level of WR, but not the “limiting tau”.


Hi all,
Just looking for feedback if any on our draft blog post for this. Will wait for feedback prior to promoting wider. Thanks @Phil & @Andrea and the rest of the team for making this exciting innovation happen!


Reads really well and loving the additional imagery after I last provided my input and feedback.

The hero image at the top is clipped on left and the right, cutting the text off. This is on an iPad, latest iOS.

The minimum Workout Reserve is not just a number; it can also be presented with a duration marker — classified as either shorter (“S”, indicating faster) or longer (“L”, indicating slower).

I’d reword slightly to say classified from shorter to longer. It’s not a binary classification, switching between either short or long, it moves along line in a graduated way.

Some additional you might want to post on the long HIIT session.

The long HIIT example going too hard on the first interval. If you want the human story. I do these on a local hill I know well as repeats, and I had real time Workout Reserve on my screen. When I saw number declining there was a natural tendency to try and keep pushing and reach a minimum Workout Reserve of 0% by the top. But as you commented, I went too hard, hit -4% and couldn’t get close on the next 3 ascents. The next 3 were consistent but I’d had to tackle them at lower power after burning the matches, my max heart however was still getting close to that achieved on the first ascent. My efficiency had dropped significantly. I’d burnt too many matches on that first ascent.

Now here’s the interesting bit. Look how I tackled my long HIIT VO2 max the following week. I had 6 intervals now, compared to 4 the week before. But because I didn’t dip below a minimum Workout Reserve of 11%, on the first interval, I was able to match that on the next 3 intervals, and only slightly decline to around minimum 15% on intervals 5 and 6. If you spot the decline to 40% before the intervals, I like to put a short effort in to prime myself, then recover before I hit the hill. I was learning quickly to better pace my long HIIT intervals and outdoors on a real hill not an ERG controlled trainer doing it for me.

My heart peaked 93-95% max by top of each ascent, but I don’t have HR on screen when doing these intervals. Stops me chasing heart rate and again going too hard, too soon.


I absolutely love this report @Phil I like the application of WR as someone who has tendencies to shoot out of the gates and then fade and dig deep … this is brilliant. @Andrea WR is a game changer for people like myself who can’t control themselves :joy: Thank you :pray: can’t wait to see the integration in my watch!


@Marjaana Your watch is currently in the test simulator. Seems to be working :grinning: