Garmin historical sync


I re-activated my account after being without Athletica for some time. When connecting my Athletica account to my existing Garmin Connect account, there was a message that my previous activities would sync up. But that still didn't happen. How long does it take before the previous activities appear? Is the historical sync not happening because there seemed to be an existing training plan active? Can you get the historical activities sync, please? Or should I export from Garmin Connect and import here?

Good morning Tomm! Welcome back to Athletica!

Even though your Garmin data may already be imported, the back end system can take a good 48-72 hours to get the data processed before displaying it on your account.

sounds like you can’t wait to get started with a new plan!

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Sorry @tomm but we have multiple Tom M's on the platform now. Please email me prof at Athletica and I will do my best to help get your historical data populated.