Garmin reconnect

I had to re-set my Garmin and disconnect it from my phone etc. The connection has now been lost with Athletica and I can not reconnect it through the connections tab in "about you’ how can I fix this.

@Prof are you able to help me with this? I have also written to the support email

@robdee I believe the Prof may be attending a conference currently, so his responses may be delayed.

With that in mind, have you logged into your Garmin account and under Profile - Account Settings - Account Information you will see the approved App Connections to your Garmin account; disconnect Athletica and then retry the account association via your Athletica profile as you initially did.

I hope that helps.

@Cubicfunction Thank you for the reply. I have one that and when i go back to my athletica account I can not re connect garmin BUT I re made a “dumbie” athletica account and could connect garmin to fresh account. i just can’t reconnect to the original account

Thanks @robdee. That bug has been reported and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

Just reporting the bug as well.

Completed my swim session this AM using my Garmin FR. Session is posted to my Garmin Connect but does not show in my Athletica account as completed. I disconnected and reconnected the link between the two accounts, from both ends, as well as refreshed. Still no luck. Both accounts are currently linked. Thoughts…suggestions?

Not a fix but I export the original activity file from Garmin Connect if it doesn’t seem to have synced. Then add the file to the relevant Athletica session. It accepts ZIP files and thus no need to extract the fit file first.


Thank you Phil. I was able to upload the session to the Training Plan with your recommendation.