No longer can push workout to Garmin

Hello, I had to swap a workout due to weather, (Sunday to Saturday). There was an option to resync with Garmin at the top of the workout. The function no longer exist. How can one resync or is it on a fixed schedule ???


Does the screenshot below help? You want send to Garmin

Thanks @Phil That’s what I had seen in the past… Here is what I see now.

I’m thinking it may be an issue with Garmin and Athletica communicating, seems I reset my connection and I did have the pull down menu to resync but when I did Athletica had a pop up message indicating no Garmin Connection was detected……

Try removing the connection in Garmin Connect. It’s under settings → connected apps. Once you’ve done that try reconnecting at the Athletica end. The training toggle needs to be on once reconnected to enable syncing. Check it in Garmin Connect once you’ve reconnected. Good luck.

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Thanks @Phil That got me re-connected, thought I tried that but maybe not in the same order… Thank you for taking the time!!!