Athletica did not sync updated version of swim workout to Garmin

Monday, I had a scheduled swim workout that Athletica modified from what was originally planned to something a bit longer.

As of Sunday evening. only the original workout synced to Garmin. I checked again on Monday before heading to the pool, and still only the original workouts had synced.

Monday morning I deleted the original workout from Garmin and resynced from Athletica - still only the original workout.

Wondering if this is expected / known. I can easily print workouts and bring to the pool, but the synced workouts are a great convenience.

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@Jeremy @nmc Could you please let us know how your swim workout syncs are going in light of @nathanchristenson 's experience?

The swim workout downloaded to my watch for the CSS test was different to what Athletica was showing both the night before and after I did the swim.

Per Athletica

Workout per watch
400m W/U
400m TT
50m TT
300m Easy
100m C/D

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Hey @Jeremy. I think I found you on the platform and went into your settings to tick the box: :ballot_box_with_check: Don’t modify current date’s sessions. Hopefully that solves the issue!

Thanks. I have a swim scheduled for tomorrow so I will let you know how it goes.

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The swim workout on my Garmin this morning was exactly as described in my plan, so that worked fine. I had a few challenges as it was 2x 800m with varying paces and I forgot to press lap at the end of each of the sections. It meant I effectively did the workout from memory rather than as guided by my Garmin. Will know for next time!


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Awesome @Jeremy thanks for update!

The workouts that sync to Garmin are still always different from what’s in the plan - Athletica almost always modifies my swims, so my guess is that the updated swims just do not sync. The structure of the swim is identical, but the distances are different.

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Thanks @nathanchristenson. Appreciate that you expect perfection but reality is that the Garmin Swim Push option is another very new feature we are working on ironing bugs out with. I’m experiencing similar in my own swim sessions but we don’t exactly know why. If you get a chance, maybe you could DM me a screenshot of your final Athletica session you expect would be pushed to Garmin, then what is actually in your Garmin Connect account, and then take note of what you actually get prescribed by your watch for your swim. I’ll try to do similar and hopefully we can figure out where things are going off the rails… thanks for your patience and help in building Athletica.

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Hi @Prof -

Just trying to help iron out bugs, that’s all. I know you guys are working on dialing in the swim export to garmin. I’ll DM the info to you.

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Update - over this past week, it seems that the Garmin swims are now updating and reflect the Athletica swims if I sync the workouts in Garmin Connect the day of the workout.

Oh that’s really promising with thanks @nathanchristenson.