How does Athletica know my individual goal for my A race?


I completed my first IM in 2019 with the goal of finishing before the 17hr cutoff time. My friend who was seasoned in IM had a goal of under 12 hours. We both had 1:1 coaching from the same person, and our plans were totally different as you'd expect. How would Athletica know how to train you based on the goal you are trying to achieve?


Hello @erockem! Welcome to the Athletica Forum. Your first post and not the last!

The way that Athletica functions to to maximize your fitness for your event based on your weekly time commitment, ramp rate and time to event. It's less about a goal time and more about getting you as fit as realistically possible in the time you have set aside for training.

The true power of Athletica is it's ability to crunch numbers behind the scenes and keep your plan on track (using science! HIIT and endurance training science that is). If you miss a session or crush a session, the plan will be updated to manage your fatigue levels to ensure great recovery.

Helping you to be consistent day in and day out and that Athletica aims to do for you.

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Hi @erockem,
I’ll just echo @Jesse point with a bit more info. While we will be looking at predictive performances in the future, Athletica works a bit like I do as an elite coach. It does this by:

  1. Finding out as much as it can about you when you connect your wearable data. Here it determines an estimate of your fitness and abilities.

  2. We confirm this through some formal sets of testing.

  3. You select your race date, race type and your training volume.

  4. The plan is drawn up.

  5. You complete your sessions as either above, below, or not at all, or choose better sessions that accompany your life with our Workout Wizard. Write how you felt, how hard they were, and anything else. AI coach listens.

  6. Athletica adjusts your sessions daily based on what it sees.

  7. Your fitness and form are optimized so you can perform to your best.