Race pace expectation

How will I translate this training to a race pace in April - or do I? I’ve never trained like this before and I’m enjoying it, but I don’t know how to translate it to a race day performance.

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Hi Eamon, Athletica will build you gradually to your best fitness level in April. If you follow the pacing and heart rate guidelines in the workout, and stay consistent on the program, you’ll be the best version of yourself by your race. I hope that answers your question?!

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I believe that, which is exciting. My question, though, is what will my strategy be on race day? I’ve run some marathons based on how I felt, and some based on a prescribed pace plan. If I have a goal time for my April marathon, will Athletica give me an appropriate pace based on my training, or will it prescribe an effort or heart rate based plan for the day?


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Hey, if you look at your running profile under “charts”. I’ll attach mine here are show how you can use it to form your race pace…

At the moment, my longest run (the past 6 weeks) has been 1hr 40 mins - at 5:36 min/km. Once I have done my longest runs for my upcoming marathon, I’ll be able to confidently form my race strategy.

If you look at your race day, Athletica doesn’t have a Run session, but it is just a race day note :
Screenshot 2024-02-05 131316
You can add a run yourself to your race day- and defined Z3b pace, but it is based on your threshold which you either did at the beginning of your training plan or whenever you’ve done a hard 5K.

I would not go by heart rate because there are so many things that can affect your heart rate on race day.
My recommendation is to trust your gut - you know best. Have a plan and a range of paces but do not blindly go by pace or heart rate alone.

LMK if this made any sense…


Right on. Thank you.