I'm a professional athlete, and I have a coach. What advantages could the platform offer for me?


There are a number of advantages to using the program as a professional athlete. Ultimately the same advantages afforded to all athletes using Athletica are gained. These include:

  1. Optimal training session prescription (Athletica gives you what you are missing out on),
  2. Training session response monitoring (Athletica tells you when you should pull back in training and focus on recovery),
  3. The speed at which Athletica can update to make these recommendations for you is likely faster than your coach’s ability to — while it is still early days for Athletica, this ability will only improve with time,
  4. Your training zones, which change with changes in fitness, naturally stay on track with Athletica. This offers you precision in the training prescription and helps keep you on track.
  5. No more secrets – simply first principle advice. Train as your body was meant to.