I'm a coach, how could I use this to help my athletes?


There are a number of advantages to using the program as a coach. In fact, the reason that Athletica was developed was due to a need for a better, more streamlined training prescription, and one that took more athlete context into account. How can even the world’s best coach consider every single detail, for every single athlete? We personally found this to be an impossible task. We recognized that we needed to be better.

Therefore, Athletica can also be used in a coaching capacity (coach version in development) to render more advantages for athletes and coaches. Using the Athletica platform for your coaching means that you don’t miss the obvious as a coach. Advantages include:

  1. Optimal training session prescription (Athletica makes recommendations for what appears the athlete may be missing out on – you as a coach have the final say on whether or not the prescription is implemented, as you appreciate the context best),
  2. Training session response monitoring (Athletica makes recommendations for the coach as to when training should be pulled back to allow the athlete to focus on recovery),
  3. The speed at which Athletica can update to make these recommendations for you as a coach is likely faster than your ability to complete these computations (at least this is the case when you have a number of athletes to handle),
  4. As a coach, do you ever get questions from athletes about their training zones and whether you’ve got them right or not? Indeed, these are affected by test session protocol, training status, and other factors. Missing out on these means that the training load calculations are inaccurate. After a few weeks on Athletica, we’ll have grasped a solid handle on these zones, even when they may change subtly. This feature as a coach offers you precision with your training prescription and the monitoring of your athlete’s training loads.
  5. The final and perhaps most important feature for coaches? You know the industry. But with Athletica, there are no more secrets – simply first principle advice. We put it all out there for everyone. Join us, learn, connect with your athletes, and be part of their experience as they reach new heights. There’s nothing more rewarding than that experience as a coach…