Introductions to the community

This is probably long overdue, but now that we have such an active community, it’s time to introduce ourselves (for those who wish to). I’ll kick off.

Mark, CEO of Athletica and triathlete for 15 years. I live in Toronto, Canada but love to travel and visit friends and family around the world. One of my greatest joys is running and getting lost in new places. My bike is too crappy to show here but I have a good time riding and swimming as well.

Working with Paul and the team at Athletica over the past 2 years has been amazing and fulfilling and has enhanced my enjoyment of training and racing at the same time as keeping my aging body healthy.


I’m Antonie. I live in the Netherlands am 53 and do all kind of races up to 70.3. Also enjoy offroad triathlons like Xterra. I am a biker who does not really like swimming and running, but I push trough :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I usually run with our dog which makes it easier.
Outside of training I like to travel (to Italy), walk in nature and photography.

Started off triathlons in 2016 and after a few live coaches got on tridot. Found that platform disappointing (no flexibility in trainings and serious doubts about the AI part. When injured it consistently told me to run for 1,5 hours after not running for 9 weeks). So I jumped over to Athletica. Been enjoying it so far, love the workout wizard and wonder where it will bring me race wise. My ambition is to a 70.3 in sub 5 hours, but it needs to be flat for that :innocent: