Manually entering run data

My watch (fenix 5) altimeter is broken, consequently the elevation gain and loss for runs is around 3 times the actual. I can manually enable elevation corection in Garmin connect but this does not adjust the feed to Athletica or if the .fit file is imported directly after applying corrections either.

This results in huge increases in load which needs to be adjusted otherwise I assume Athletica will reduce the load in other activities in my programme to avoid overtraining?

I’m manually entering run data until I get a replacement watch - for the run pace this will be calculated as an average pace not NGP, will this have much impact on the total load. For example this morning I did a 5 mile trail run - average pace 9:39 min/mile but grade adjusted pace (from Strava) is 9:16 min/mile

It should work @MarcB but please have a look for us comparing prior vs current and let us know… thanks.

@Prof I have the same problem. Is there a way to re-sync a session from garmin connect once elevation is corrected? Thanks, Paul

Hi @Chowders. I would imagine that you would want to upload the corrected file?

Screenshot 2024-06-06 at 3.04.01 PM

Hi @Prof - easier said than done! As far as I can see, platforms like Garmin, Strava, TrainingPeaks allow elevation correction within their app but no function to download an amended fit file for subsequent upload to Athletica. If Althletica could add elevation correction that would be ideal (esp as you are using NGP to calculate load)! I’ll ask on slowtwitch if anyone knows how to get an amended fit file tho.

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I looked into this, Garmin, Strava etc only export the original .fit file even if the elevation is adjusted. A brief google suggested that .fit files cannot be manually edited. Agree with @Chowders suggestion for Athletica to add elevation correction would be nice but this would need access to GPS or DEM files. Would an option be to allow for elevation gain and loss to be manually entered, would this then give an estimate of NGP?


Total elevation gain / loss is no use for calculating grade adjusted pace. You need the grade and pace at each point in time. Grade is obviously about differences in elevation over difference in distance. Thus will be determined over a period of time / distance, a delta. Plus pace must also be calculated over a difference in distance over time, another delta.