Minimum Workout Reserve (mWR) always <0

What does it mean when my mWR is nearly always <0?
My 5k time is about 21 min with a heart rate of 181bpm, so the runs are far away from “empty battery” :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing.
The minWR of 0% does not necessarily means that your “battery is empty” :slight_smile: but that you just hit one of your personal bests (meaning one of your best uploaded session) in a given time range. We are not currently showing specifically the time range associated with your best effort when WR is going to 0%, so you can generically seeing a minWR=0% without knowing what record you broke.

Does this make sense? Anything specific that you want to highlight from this session?
Was that longer than usual?

Please consider that any time you hit the minWR of 0%, your pace profile will be updated, so it is pivotal to crush those 0s multiple times to build a reliable pace profile. Do you have a long training history uploaded on Athletica and a reliable pace profile?