Pool swim not being imported by Athletica when a OWS was planned


I had an OWS on my plan today. I instead did a pool swim, but for some reason athletica is not importing this activity in any way. It does not show up under the OWS nor does it show up as an unplanned activity.

When I try importing the .fit file I get the following error : unpack(): Type V: not enough input, need 4 have 1

For now I have manually input the distance and duration.
It would we good to have a way to indicate an OWS was a pool swim, just like we can do for indoor bike rides.

Additionally, it seems like the AI, when providing the feedback of a swim session takes into account the total duration of the session and not active moving time to calculate the average pace it provides in its feedback. See my swim of 1st May. I am not sure if this by design or not, but it is a bit odd since the prescribed workout has some rests.