Rest days for a marathon plan

My plan has zero rest days. I’m a rule follower and hate rest days by nature, so I’m going to follow the plan, but it seems counterintuitive.

I’m new here and loving it so far, so forgive me if this is something I should have been able to figure out on my own.

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Hi @Eamon.
Of course, you should always take a rest day if ever you feel like you need to. I’m looking at your plan and the obvious place to take one if needed is probably your Monday. Note that the Monday session is pretty easy as is as its supposed to be - just a light recovery run. You could also move the Monday recovery run to Tuesday morning and do your Tuesday key set in the afternoon if that feels better. Options are endless and the key with any training plan is getting the stress right. If the stress in your system feels heavy, it probably is and you’d be wise to listen and take the time you need. The other thing we speak about on the The Athlete’s Compass Podcast to this effect for running is feeling ‘pop’. If you’ve lost the pop in your running, that’s another key signal that its probably time for a rest day. Remember that each and every one of us responds differently to the training plan so its up to us to use common sense and wisdom to help ourselves juggle that stress. Athletica is an amazing guide but you are in the drivers seat.


This is great. Thank you.

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