Race day is a Monday

My A race is the Boston Marathon, but Athletica won’t allow me to put a race on a Monday so I put it on the Sunday prior. I tried to manually move the race in my training plan, but it just disappeared and now Sunday (4/14) and Monday (4/15) are both showing as rest days. In Settings-Training-Races, the Boston marathon is still there as 4/14. How do I get it back on my training plan? Or does it even matter? Will the plan still work even if 4/14 shows as a rest day?

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Hi @Eamon. Thanks for that. Indeed our plans are still set up to optimize for Saturday and Sunday races but as you allude to, the one day later on Monday isn’t going to make much of an effect. Nevertheless, the issue you describe is a bug that needs fixed and I have added that to our task list. You should be good for now however we will aim to fix that for the future and get back to you once it is solved. Thanks again for reporting. Best, Paul

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Hi @Eamon,
We’ve made some changes to your plan to optimize your taper week. We still don’t have the mid-week race options available but we’d done our best to optimize in your particular case. Please have a look and let me know your thoughts.


Thank you. That looks great. I couldn’t be happier with Athletica and the quick and thoughtful responses I get from the staff. I’m having a great time training.