Recovery Week Question

Hopefully not just unique to me this question, apologies if it is!

I’m currently on Week 2 of a half ironman build program, next week is obviously a recovery week. However, due to illness I haven’t trained since Sunday and unlikely to do much really for the rest of this week in the hope that I’ll be back next week.

Clearly I don’t need a recovery week now, what is the best way to amend the plan to skip this week and have it as a full week. Am I best restarting the plan from Monday (without a test week) or is there a better way?


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In the Plan Overview section, you can tap/click on the week date and move / swap the around. You could swap recovery week to this week.

Or, let Athletica do its ML thing and continue with the program. Your load will be adjusted automatically to keep you on track for your goal event. Despite next week being a “recovery” week, you’ll still gain fitness.


I’d also add there @jockefc23 to not underestimate the time it takes to get back to peak form. A recovery week following illness could be exactly what your body needs. Of course it just depends but I wouldn’t rush back but instead build back slowly and progressively. The little person in your head knows… just have a good listen and be patient.

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Thanks both, I think you are right and I’ll just let Athletica do its thing and trust it!

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Hey :wave:t2: I’ll chime in here as I am self-proclaimed expert in failing to “return to training safely”. :joy:

I find it is the most difficult and challenging thing to navigate the return after illness. On one hand we are eager (and stressed about missing training) to get back to where we were. And on the other hand we intuitively know (the little man or woman in your head as @prof calls it) that we are not ready.

A very good friend and olympic swim coach shared her return to training advice, and it was one week of base training - zone 2 only. And that’s after you feel 100% recovered.

Now I must admit: I have not taken her advice and I think I should have. I always have a raging fire :fire: under my bum urging me to get going. Prof only knows how many times he has commented “she’s back!!!” Only to find out a week later that I’m back being sick. :laughing: funny, not funny.

I’m currently under the weather. Haven’t trained since Saturday. Instead of looking at my training calendar- I think I will take it easy this time. Maybe it would be a good idea to move a recovery week to next week. My estimate is by Saturday I will feel normal again. Thanks for the idea :bulb: and hope you continue to feel healthy.

Be well, MJ


Great point @Marjaana I am definitely guilty of this. I’ll feel better, go for a steady run and then decide that the next run should be VO2 max!

This is the longest I haven’t trained since June (its been 5 days now) so I think my body may well appreciate it in the long game - luckily it has come at the same time as my local pool has been closed!


How can I move my "recovery week’ one week forward? I am going to be out of town during a build week, and would prefer this to be my recovery week so there is less pressure to train. And then I would have my “build week” in place of it…I saw that you can do this - but when I go to Plan overview and click on the week that I want to move, it doesn’t give me the option to move it…

Did you click on the date @cmaloney ?

got it! I was trying to “click and drag” vs. just “click”. Thanks for the visual!!