Structured training plan sent to Garmin watch-ERG mode for home trainers

Hello, New guy here :slight_smile:

I would like to use my Garmin watch for my indoor bike workouts.

I use a smart home trainer for indoor cycling so I want my Garmin watch to control the trainer in ERG mode as the prescribed workout dictates.
When sending the workout to Garmin there are three possibilities to choose from 1. Prescribe workout by pace 2. Prescribe workout by heart rate 3. Let our Smart Coach choose the best option.

If I “download” the prescribed workout by pace to Garmin will my watch control the home trainer in ERG mode? (changing the desired output (watts) automatically)

Or I should train in the prescribed heart rate zone(s) during the cycling training? What is the best method for smart trainers?

Thank you

ERG mode will only work when the workout is prescribed by “power”. I’m not sure why you see like that but for cycling workouts, you should see the first option not as “pace” but “power” instead:


… and newsletter release discussing what ‘smart coach’ does…

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Hey there @Creative32 ! I was also using my Fenix 6 to control my smart trainer (Elite) for power based workouts. I ended up switching to zwift and using my phone to connect my BT sensors.

The process of managing the trainer and controlling the resistance was cumbersome on the watch. I asked Athletica to use smart coach, so for z2 sessions the trainer was in resistance mode (changing gears to get my hr into the right zone) and the hiit sessions in ERG since its power based.

Keep in mind that when prescribed by power and set in erg mode, it’ll aim for the middle of the power zone. Adjusting the power is a pain in the butt.


Thank you very much Paul, for your answer. It is completely clear what the smart coach does, but my question was not primarily about that. One of the advantages of smart trainers is the ERG mode, which many training platforms utilize. Jesse answered my question below. Another external platform is needed to execute the prescribed workout in ERG mode. Like Zwift. As I see I can export the session in . ZWO format then copy to Zwift folder to have it as a custom workout. All platforms missing one thing what the other has. Example: In Trainerroad you have AI driven, adaptive training plans and your home trainer is controlled by the program itself. You train your bike sessions in ERG mode but Trainerroad does not have structured training plan for triathletes (no running, no swimming evaluation). As the first impression I like Athletica but it would be great if Athletica could control home trainers what many ppl use during wintertime as a main cycling tool. But I love as it is now I’ll finish TR subscription and I’ll it give a try to Athletica. :slight_smile:

Thank you Jesse :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: you answered my question. So you use Zwift custom workout with the exported . ZWO file from Athletica … good. I will do that too :slight_smile:

We’re building our product roadmap @Creative32 and I’ve just added your suggestion there. Agree entirely with you that we should try to do that for Athletica users. Thank you for your voice and support.